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Please Note: This page is for current or prospective clients specifically in Australia and Pacific Rim countries, for whom I offer astrological readings.

How do your readings differ from what you call sessions?
Sessions are live conversations via phone with clients. They are co-creations that put together your experience of your life and my knowledge of your chart.

Readings are a more "pure" interpretation of your chart and major active cycles. I record the reading by myself; we don't interact.

Each approach has benefits and liabilities, advantages and disadvantages. Over my 45 years as a full-time professional astrologer, I've done mostly sessions, about 12,000 of them, with my clients. I've added readings recently because my physical health is vulnerable, and readings are less taxing for me. Readings also allow me an easier way to focus on the core meanings of your life-journey and where you are on that path.

How do I order a reading?
Send an email to requesting a reading.

Click here to send me an email to request a reading.

Please be sure to include in your email:

1. your FIRST and LAST NAME (whatever you call yourself)
2. your BIRTH DATA (full date, accurate time, and place of birth)
3. your LOCATION (the City and Country where you currently reside)

I consider doing readings for people on a case-by-case basis. After we agree that I will do a reading for you, I prepare your natal chart and major transits, then I record the reading.

How long is a reading?
The recording will be roughly an hour, although the exact length can vary.

What is the cost of a reading?
My astrological readings are a flat fee of $206.00, regardless of length.

How do I pay and when?
My preferred method of payment is Paypal, which allows clients to pay with a credit or debit card, or directly from their Paypal accounts if they have one. Immediately after the reading, I will email clients a Paypal invoice, which makes payment quick, simple, and easy.

May I ask you specific questions before the reading?
Yes, if you have specific questions or concerns, I ask that you write them out and send them to me via email, either when you request the reading or after I agree to do it. Please make your questions as simple and direct as possible, and keep any explanations of your circumstances brief and to a minimum.

Also, please understand that I cannot answer every question. Some questions and concerns are outside of the limits of my particular work. For instance, questions about finances or physical health are best referred to non-astrological professionals. Other types of questions (such as, "Will I ever find an intimate partner?" or "What's the best way to raise my child?") are beyond the scope of information that astrology provides.

Open-ended questions are difficult to answer, such as asking the best time to undertake something. If possible, give me options: either/or, this or that, now or later. I will then give you my astrological opinion as to which option is more in harmony with your chart.

How will I receive the recording of the reading?
The reading will be recorded in digital format as an mp3 file.

Immediately after doing the reading, I transfer the file to my iMac and convert it from wma format to mp3 format. Then I upload that mp3 file to a private page on my web site. After uploading, you'll get an email from me containing an active link to that page, from which you can access and download the mp3 file. You'll be able to listen to your reading on the same day I do it.

The mp3 files are big, roughly 20 megs, but downloading with a broadband connection takes just a couple of minutes. Each client's private page and recording stays up on my web site for about a year after the reading, during which you can download your mp3 file again if you lose it (which happens more often than you might think).

Should you lose your downloaded copy of the mp3 file recording after I remove the page from the web site (generally one year later), it takes me half an hour to repost the recording on my site. As a result, there's a $25 charge for that. So back up your mp3 file!

If you're not computer-savvy and are unfamiliar with downloading procedures or mp3 technology, please find a friend who can help you (as opposed to asking me).

After you download your mp3 recording, you can listen to it on your computer (desktop, laptop, tablet) or smart phone using iTunes or other free mp3 software players, or download it onto any portable mp3 player, such as an iPod.

You can also listen to the recording of your reading online, right from my web site, during the year when it's posted on my site.

Is the reading mainly a "natal interpretation"?
No. A "natal interpretation" offered by many astrologers is an in-depth character analysis without reference to any particular time in your life. My reading will be about where your life is now and, depending on the chart, in the years ahead.

The heart of every reading I do involves defining your central life-purpose and the primary themes of your life-experience. I talk about these in light of where you are now in your life-journey, according to your chart. I may also discuss upcoming phases in the years ahead, if the extended future is relevant to the context of the reading.

What birth information do you need from me?
I require full and accurate birth data to do a reading. This includes:

  1. DATE of birth (month, day and year)
  2. TIME of birth (local clock time, from a birth certificate or hospital record)
  3. PLACE of birth (city, state and country, with any clarification necessary for me to determine the location)

How important is an accurate time of birth?
Time of birth is critical in real astrology. Birth times that are incorrect by as little as half an hour (or even less) can radically alter the entire meaning of a chart.

DO NOT guess your birth time. And DO NOT trust your parents' memories. Check your birth certificate or call the hospital where you were born and ask for the Records Department (hospitals in America are required by Federal Law to keep all birth times on record, and you have a legal right to your own birth time). While even birth certificates or hospital records are not guaranteed to be 100% accurate, such written records are the best sources we have.

If you cannot obtain an accurate birth time, then astrology is probably not the right system for you. Instead, consult with a practitioner who uses a different symbolic or intuitive method. (For a personal referral to two of my colleagues who are trustworthy, experienced, and reputable professionals using non-astrological techniques, please email me. I will send you their names and contact information.)

Will you send me a copy of my natal chart?
After the reading, I will email you a PDF file (Adobe Acrobat format) containing the custom graphics I prepare of your chart and major transits. You can view this file on your computer or print it out as hard copy for your records.

Do you sell written reports?
Absolutely NOT. "Written reports" are generally canned (pre-written) textbook interpretations that are then assembled piecemeal into a long document. They may claim to be comprehensive, offering 40-50 pages of written material, but they usually do little to provide an integrated overview of the chart's meaning as a whole. I do not offer written reports.

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