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Numerous astrological web sites offer lists of Moon Voids. To obtain dates and times of Moon Voids for the upcoming months, do a Google search
for "moon voids 2007".

To learn more about Moon Voids, read my June 2003 Newsletter, which discusses the traditional astrological views concerning
what Voids are, how they work, and what to do (or not do) during
a Void.

Archived PDF files for 2006
Moon Void Calendars:

for the EASTERN Time Zone
for the CENTRAL Time Zone
for the PACIFIC Time Zone

After three years of offering the Moon Void Calendars, I've decided to discontinue them. I won't be doing calendars for 2007 and beyond.
Two reasons influenced my decision.
One is that making these calendars requires a tremendous amount of design/layout grunt work
for me, at least 30 hours to create calendars for each of three time zones. What I get back in donations doesn't begin to justify the time and effort invested. Until this year, however, that wasn't a big issue for me.
The second and more important reason is that I've concluded that Moon Voids are not generally meaningful in my own life. I created the calendars initially for myself, because I wanted an easy graphic tool to help me see the Void periods and study their effects in my own life. As some of you already know, I'm not a "true believer" in everything astrological. I'm skeptical and don't uncritically accept as truth what is written in books or online. Here's the caveat I wrote last year on this page:
I'm not yet convinced that Moon Voids are "real." That is to say, I understand
the logic, theory, and meanings of planetary voids in natal charts, but I don't know
whether day-to-day Moon Voids are sufficiently significant to deserve our attention.
The Calendars give us an easy way to keep track of Voids and note how they feel.

Having now studied Moon Voids attentively in my own life for the past three years, I'm comfortable terminating the experiment. Although I occasionally feel a slight limbo during especially long Voids (those of two days duration or longer), I haven't noticed any other effects or repercussions afterwards for Void periods. Perhaps I'm not sensitive enough or not paying the right kind of attention, but my experience is that life goes on normally during Moon Voids.
My conclusions are both subjective and anecdotal, of course, and not scientific research, so I'm not suggesting that Moon Voids are necessarily invalid for the collective, merely that they don't seem noteworthy in my case. Your mileage may vary, as they say.
One theory I've come up with that might partially explain why Voids are not particularly meaningful to me is that my natal Ascendant is 29+ Capricorn. When the Moon is Void-of-Course in the heavens in either cardinal or earth signs, my Ascendant is still "waiting" to form a ptolemaic aspect with the Moon. In other words, in half the signs of the zodiac, a Moon that's Void for the collective may NOT be Void for me personally. This theory would apply for anyone who has natal planets or angles in the last degree of a sign, which would cancel out half the Voids. I can't be sure if my speculation is correct, but it's worth considering.
At the very least, the theory is another example of astrology's complexity, implying that we need
to be careful not to take simplistic or didactic "rules" at face value, whether such rules are handed down from antiquity or are merely the opinion of some contemporary astrologer.
The only rule I fully embrace in this regard is: Question Authority.

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