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How do I schedule an initial session?
Send an email to requesting a session.

Click here to send me an email to ask for a session.

Please be sure to include in your email:

1. your FIRST and LAST NAME (whatever you call yourself)
2. your BIRTH DATA (full date, accurate time, and place of birth)
3. your LOCATION (the Time Zone where you'll be when we talk)
4. the TELEPHONE NUMBER you want me to call (if you're in the U.S.)
(note: international clients have to call me; see below for details)

I'll email back dates and times when I'm free over the next couple of weeks. Scheduling may take a couple of email exchanges, but we'll find a day and time that works for us both.

How long are your sessions?
Sessions vary in length, from one to two hours long. We talk until you've taken in enough or until I've offered all I can for a single conversation. Each session has its own character and content, determined mutually by our interaction. Given the energy-intense focus of attention sessions require from me and the vulnerabilities of my physical health, I don't go beyond two hours.

What is the cost of a session?
My astrological sessions are a flat fee of $200.00, regardless of length.

How do I pay and when?
Clients may pay before or after the session. Mailing payment the week of the session is ideal. I accept personal checks, money orders, or cash (by mail) and electronic payments via PayPal (to my email address), which allows the use of a credit or debit card. My mailing address is:

Bill Herbst
822 1st Street
Florence, Oregon (OR) 97439

To pay electronically online, enter your email address and phone number, then click the "PAYPAL CLICK HERE TO PAY" box below. I ask clients to pay the PayPal transaction fees, so the predefined amount includes an extra $6. PayPal will notify me by email of your $206.00 payment.

Email Address
Phone Number
PayPal is free and totally secure. Your credit card or checking account information is completely private and isn't sent to me. I've never had a single problem with PayPal.
For more information on PayPal, go to the PayPal web site.

Should I send you specific questions before the session?
No, please don't. Any questions you have about specific issues or particular circumstances are correctly part of the session itself. By all means, you should think about what you want to know, and writing down your questions is a great way to prepare, so that you get as much out of your session as possible, but I don't want to have to think about or deal with any of that until the session is actually happening. I do thorough technical preparation for each session, and in the rare event that you want to discuss something my preparation won't address, I can access other techniques quickly on the fly.

Do you work in-person or over the phone?
Right now, 95% of sessions with clients are by telephone. Only about 5% are local and in-person at my apartment in Florence, Oregon. In earlier decades most of my sessions were face-to-face. Now it's reversed. That's fine, though, because I'm very comfortable with phone sessions. Working by telephone is easy, efficient, and keeps the sessions focused, with no distractions.

Do I call you?
If you're in the U.S., I call you (and I pay for the call).

International clients must call me. That can be done via regular international phone service or more inexpensively using Skype-to-cell to call my cell phone. I've tried using free Facetime or Skype-to-Skype calls, but the voice quality and dependability of the connection with those free VOIP calls is still not good enough for my professional work.

Calling me via Skype-to-cell does involve an extra modest expense for international clients, but it works well.

Do you record sessions for your clients?
Yes. I record all sessions for clients at no extra charge.

I make a two-way digital recording of our conversation from my cell phone headset. Immediately after the session, I transfer the file to my iMac and convert it to an mp3 format. Then I upload that mp3 file to a private page on my web site. After uploading, you'll get an email from me containing an active link to that page, from which you can access and download the file. This means that you get the recording right after the session, usually within an hour.

The mp3 files are big, roughly 25 megs, but downloading with a broadband connection takes just a couple of minutes. Each client's private page and recording stays up on my web site for about a year after the session, during which you can download your mp3 file again if you lose it (which happens more often than you might think).

Should you lose your downloaded copy of the mp3 session recording file after I remove the page from the web site (generally one year later), it takes me half an hour to repost the recording on my site. As a result, there's a $25 charge for that. So back up your mp3 file!

If you're not computer-savvy and are unfamiliar with downloading procedures or mp3 technology, please find a friend who can help you (as opposed to asking me).

After you download your mp3 recording, you can listen to it on your computer (desktop, laptop, tablet) or smart phone using iTunes or other free mp3 software players, or download it onto any portable mp3 player, such as an iPod. You can also burn it to CDs if you wish. (One CD holds 70-80 minutes of audio, so it will take two CDs. On Macs, iTunes handles that automatically; I don't know how Windows machines do it.)

You can also listen to the recording of your session online, right from my web site, during the year when it's posted on my site.

Why do you call what you do "sessions" rather than "readings?"
A "reading" is the popular term for an astrological interpretation. I shy away from that word because it implies a certain passivity on the part of the client. Much of the public mistakenly assumes that purchasing a "reading" is akin to buying any other consumer commodity, like a pair of Gucci shoes. You pay your money, you get your shoes. Done deal.

My work is not a pre-fab product or standard "textbook" chart interpretation. Yes, I offer my professional insights into your chart, but you contribute also. I bring the astrological tools, along with my long experience as an astrologer, and my best understanding of human nature. You bring the knowledge of your real life with all its history and circumstances, plus your best consciousness.

Your willingness to work in the session by interacting with me from your highest awareness about yourself and your life makes an incredible difference in the quality of the information we can access and share.

I don't do this work alone. We do it together. So it's not a "reading." It's a co-creation. We are defining, refining, and clarifying the story of who you are, to help you live with more awareness of your inner self and better attunement to the outer experiences of your life.

Is the first session mainly a "natal interpretation"?
No. A "natal interpretation" offered by many astrologers is an in-depth character analysis without reference to any particular time in your life. That may be of interest to astrological students learning the system, but it is less relevant to me and my clients, who almost always bring specific issues of interest and concern that change as we grow and age. Many of our core experiences evolve over time. They carry certain meanings early on in our lives, but different meanings later. Offering perspective on those evolutionary changes to reveal how they fit together over a lifetime is a significant part of what I do with clients.

My technical preparation for every session includes the natal chart and four years of major personal cycle activity: one year before the session, this year, and two years after. I'm concerned mainly with longer-term cycles and changes. With certain clients in specific situations, I may look at shorter-term, day-to-day cycles, but that's relatively rare.

The natal chart provides the basic pattern and meaning of a person's life-journey. Any personal cycle activating at a particular time must be referred back to the natal chart to understand its full implications and possibilities. I do that in every session.

I'm most interested in why you're here, what's important to you, where you are now, and where you're headed. That's what we typically focus on.

What kind of information can I expect in a first session?
What we discuss in any session, whether the first time we talk or the fiftieth, depends on two things: what's happening in your life and what's happening in your chart. You bring the information from your real life, I bring the information from your astrological chart, and together we'll make sense of where you are on your life-path.

Sessions vary dramatically in content, from one client to another, and from one session to the next with a given client. Every encounter is unique.

Does the session cover everything in my chart?
No. Astrology is a symbolic system that contains literally endless information. No matter how many sessions we did, we could never address "everything" in your chart. In most sessions, I focus on what is most relevant and important now.

What birth information do you need from me?
I require full birth data to do a session. This includes:
  1. DATE of birth (month, day and year)
  2. TIME of birth (local clock time, from a birth certificate or hospital record)
  3. PLACE of birth (city, state and country, with any clarification necessary for me to determine the location)

How important is an accurate time of birth?
Time of birth is critical in real astrology. Birth times that are incorrect by as little as half an hour (or even less) can radically alter the entire meaning of a chart.

DO NOT guess your birth time. And DO NOT trust your parents' memories. Check your birth certificate or call the hospital where you were born and ask for the Records Department (hospitals in America are required by Federal Law to keep all birth times on record, and you have a legal right to your own birth time). While even birth certificates or hospital records are not guaranteed to be 100% accurate, such written records are the best sources we have.

If you cannot obtain an accurate birth time, then astrology is probably not the right system for you. Instead, consult with a practitioner who uses a different symbolic or intuitive method. (For a personal referral to two of my colleagues who are trustworthy, experienced, and reputable professionals using non-astrological techniques, please email me. I will send you their names and contact information.)

Is there a minimum age to have a session?
Yes. My work is designed for people who have amassed a certain level of life-experience. Except in extraordinary circumstances, I do sessions only with people who are at least 21 years old.

I sometimes work with children's or adolescents' charts, but mainly for existing clients who are parents and want to better understand their children's lives. Parenting is the hardest job any of us will ever face, and families are a big deal for almost everyone. Knowing the timing and pattern of a child's arrival into personhood (the four birth-moments) can be immensely helpful to a concerned parent.

Will you send me a copy of my natal chart?
After the session, I will email you a PDF file (Adobe Acrobat format) containing the custom graphics I prepare of your chart and major transits. You can view this file on your computer or print it out as hard copy for your records.

Do you sell written reports?
Absolutely NOT. "Written reports" are generally canned (pre-written) textbook interpretations that are then assembled piecemeal into a long document. These kinds of reports are the lowest level of astrological interpretation. They may claim to be comprehensive, offering 40-50 pages of written material, but in this case quantity serves only to hide an appalling lack of quality. In 35 years I have never seen a single computer-generated astrological report that was worth the paper on which it was printed. Trust me on this.

Do you recommend additional sessions?
If you decide after our initial session that you'd like to work with me further, that's great. Life changes, and each session is different. While initial sessions have a special impact all their own, there is no substitute for deepening knowledge and trust. I much prefer to work with people I know — the longer I know my clients, the better the work becomes. I have many clients I've worked with for more than 20 years, and those enduring relationships make this crazy profession worth doing.

When and how often we have further sessions is entirely up to you. I don't have any particular structure or schedule for work with my ongoing clientele. Instead, I'm more like a coach who is always on the sidelines and is available when you want or need insight or feedback into how the game is going or how you should approach it. Some of my clients consult me once a year, like an annual check-up. Other clients have sessions much more frequently. That is always up to you and the unique needs of your particular life.

Simply email me to request a session whenever you want or need one.

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