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2015 Commentaries
11 September 2015 — The Astrological Road Ahead
1 September 2015 — The Two Hardest Jobs on Earth
14 August 2015 — The Power Disconnect
19 June 2015 — Hooray for Pope Francis
10 April 2015 — Mad Men

2014 Commentaries
10 December 2014 — Uranus-Pluto: War and Violence
4 December 2014 — Uranus-Pluto: Social Justice
7 October 2014 — Uranus-Pluto: The Rebellion Against Institutions
22 May 2014 — Uranus-Pluto: Individual Freedom Versus Institutional Control
30 April 2014 — Uranus-Pluto and the Sports Revolution
10 April 2014 — April 2014 Grand Cross

Aug 2013Uranus and Pluto: Correspondences in the 2010s  … reiterating this decade's astrological implications for the future of humanity
Jul 2013Uranus-Pluto and the USA Chart  … revealing to ourselves the central paradoxes in the American character
Dec 2012Astrological Patterns in 2013-2014  … the most meaningful astrological alignments in 2013-2014 and their more obvious implications
Jun 2012To See Oneself in Others  … empathy, sympathy, and cooperation as necessary social tools in the challenging difficulties that lie ahead
Mar 2012Approaching Critical Mass  … "crossing the Rubicon" into the middle years of this crucial decade
Jan 2012Adulthood, Maturity, and Wisdom  … to quote the Bard: "the problem, dear Brutus, lies not in our stars, but in ourselves"
Nov 2011The Occupy Uprising: An Astrological Perspective  … the long and rocky road of organized civil disobedience
Jul 2011Uranus-Pluto and the Murdoch Meltdown  … yet another in the increasing number of scandals involving institutional abuses of power
Jun 2011Clarifying the Timeline for Change … the delay factor between astrological timing and corresponding real-life events in the collective
Jun 2011The Ruling Elites Are Not Like You and Me … keeping the game going; serving the Empire to maintain the status quo
Aug 2010The Big Question  … will the collapse of modern industrial civilization be fast or slow?
Jul 2010August Grand Cross  … this summer's second big configuration, plus Deepwater Horizon commentary
Jun 2010June's Lunar Eclipse and Grand Cross  … a six-month high-water mark in the preface to 2012 and beyond
May 2010Possession and Ownership  … one of the root causes behind our current predicament
Apr 2010Pluto: Rooting Out Our Deepest Problems  … a non-standard view of the Ruler of the Underworld
Mar 2010The 1930s and 2010s: Great Depressions  … the astrology behind the dire economic news
Feb 2010The Evolution of Consciousness  … a longer perspective on the challenges we face in the 21st century
Jan 2010Where is Our Wisdom?  … on the maturing of consciousness necessary for our survival
Dec 2009Gold and Silver  … the new battleground in the struggle for control of global finances
Nov 2009Mars Retrograde  … like a seven-month zen retreat to help refine our desires and aggression
Oct 2009The Wizards of Wall Street  … in the arena of economics and finance, false wizards abound
Sept 2009Another Chance for Togetherness  … one possible rainbow of the 2010s storm
July 2009Prescient Visions, Unreal Expectations  … on the current disconnect between reality and dreams
June 2009The T-square Triptych, Part Two  … interpreting multiple outer-planet transits to the same natal symbol
May 2009The T-square Triptych, Part One  … interpreting multiple outer-planet transits to the same natal symbol
Apr 2009Automobiles  … their undeniable but conflicted importance in shaping who we are
Mar 2009Keeping Perspective  … the importance of maintaining neutrality about the challenging times ahead
Feb 2009Barack Obama 3.Transits  … the necessary education of a new president
Jan 2009Barack Obama 2.Houses & Patterns  … natal houses, planetary patterns, and aspect configurations
Dec 2008Barack Obama 1.Archetypes  … the Leo-Aquarius sign archetype
Nov 2008The First Domino Falls  … the financial meltdown and the initial phases of radical change
Nov 2007Empire or Community  … globalization and relocalization in the 21st century
Sep 2007The Importance of Plumbing  … agriculture and industry in the decade ahead and beyond
Aug 2007When We All Do Better, We All Do Better  … a basic assumption that America needs to remember
Jul 2007The Summer of Our Discontent  … collective disillusionment as the last step before radical change
May 2007Preparing for the 2010s  … getting ready psychologically for what's coming in the years ahead
Apr 2007Stories We Tell Ourselves  … the Uranus-Pluto cycle in the long view of humanity's evolution
Mar 2007The 2010s: Reasons for Optimism  … my personal hopes for what may emerge over the coming decade
Feb 2007Saturn-Uranus-Pluto, Part Three  … the meanings of Triple Conjunctions, Dual Oppositions, and T-Squares
Jan 2007Saturn-Uranus-Pluto, Part Two  … shifting gears from the revolutionary 1960s to the radical 2010s
Dec 2006Saturn-Uranus-Pluto, Part One  … deconstructing the technical astrology of tumultous change
Nov 2006The Disenthralling  … saturn-neptune: the slow peeling away of collective illusions and failed dreams
Sep 2006Where We Are, Where We're Headed  … an astrological overview of the next five years
Jul 2006Saturn-Neptune  … the second of this decade's three successive Saturn oppositions to the outer planets
Jun 2006Saturn-Pluto  … the astrological meaning of America's harsh welcome into the 21st century
May 2006Saturn-Uranus-Neptune, Part Two  … the saga of railroads in America, and a final look back at the 1990s
Apr 2006Saturn-Uranus-Neptune, Part One  … setting the stage for awakening: ideals and illusions, 1988-1999
Mar 2006Chaos in the 1960s, China Part Two  … the storm and the rainbow: lessons from the Cultural Revolution
Feb 2006Chaos in the 1960s, China Part One  … if you disliked 1960s America, you're lucky you weren't in China
Oct 2005Uranus-Pluto: The 1960s in America  … the relevance of that decade to the coming crises in America
Sep 2005The Uranus-Pluto Cycle  … Revolution, Anarchy, and Power: 2008-2015

Jun 2002The Outer Planets in Astrology:  Reality Outside the Box  … understanding Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto
Dec 2001Saturn and The Four Birth-Moments  … the schedule for when we arrive and how we become ourselves
Sep 1996The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing But the Truth  … on astrological info and the value of sessions
Dec 1992A Day in the Life  … on the critical importance of humility and reverence in the use of astrology
Nov 1989Astrology and Psychotherapy  … a provocative comparison for counseling astrologers
Aug 1983Saturn: Experiencing the Authority Within  … the meaning of obstacles and the importance of patience

Jul 2001Modern War  … a long, dark history of this most tragic aspect of human nature
Mar 1996Six Billion Universes  … individuality and the perils of giving advice
Sep 1992Buried Under an Avalanche of Lies  … a brief eulogy for the truth in America
Jun 1992A Modest Proposal: Let's Give the Country to the Women  … no, really, I'm totally serious
Jun 1990Saving the Earth  … let's be clear about just whose butt we need to save
Sep 1990U.S. Energy Policy  … a short rant on Bush the First that goes double for Bush the Second
Mar 1984It's a Small World  … the economics of scale and the metaphysics of the finite

Nov 2007Hurry Up and Wait  … symbolism and meanings of the long Mars retrograde loop
Oct 2007Context and Consciousness  … how astrology can have simultaneously too much and too little information
Aug 2006Health and Illness  … some thoughts about these two related but vastly different experiences
Jan 2006Venus Retrograde  … a time to heal the inner wounds of intimacy from past loves gone wrong
Dec 2005The Grand Cross in Politics  … in which the public sees that our political emperors have no clothes
Nov 2005Fixed Grand Crosses  … draining the swamp of lies, deceptions, and other toxic illusions
Aug 2005Mars Retrograde  … the Red Planet's six-month campaign of self-assertion, desire, or anger
Jul 2005Collective Versus Personal Astrology  … differences in astrology between individual and shared reality
Jul 2005Driving Through Disneyland  … the natural and unnatural landscapes of postmodern America
Apr 2005The Accelerated Pluto Factor  … generational variations in transformational life-experience
Mar 2005Bush's Next War  … the astrology behind another dangerous year of continuing belligerence
Feb 2005Mother Nature's Wrath?  … three strains of apocalypse, and how upset is Mother Nature with us?
Jan 2005The Game of Spirit  … real versus fake spirituality in an age of marketing and self-promotion
Dec 2004Understanding Chart Movement  … a simple visual metaphor for how charts move
Nov 2004Election Post-Mortem  … it's finally over, thank heavens! what now? what next?
Sep 2004After the Election  … whether Bush or Kerry, our next president's chart contains startling revelations
Aug 2004The Kerry Question  … who is John Kerry? and what should we voters do in November?
Jul 2004Mercury Retro Redux  … Mercury does its oh-so-frequent two-step dance (again)
Jun 2004Saturn and Venus  … Saturn tightens the screws while Venus prepares a celebration
May 2004Hitting Bottom  … summer's unprecedented confrontation with reality for Bush and America
Apr 2004Karma and Politics  … how our spiritual beliefs affect our politics
Mar 2004The Duality of Love  … human intimacy as a biochemical double date
Feb 2004UnTwisting the Zodiac  … remembering the subtle boundaries between types and stereotypes
Jan 2004America's Chart #3:  Consumerism and Sustainable Economics  … the high cost of having it all
Dec 2003America's Chart #2:  Mars and Neptune  … charisma and confusion in our national character
Nov 2003The Harmonic What?  … the spiritual possibilities, likely and not, of a lovely lunar eclipse
Oct 2003America's Chart #1:  Sun and Saturn  … the struggle between material wealth and social equality
Sep 2003Extreme Planetary Energies  … can consciousness overcome the most difficult planetary effects?
Aug 2003The Heat is On  … on this summer's extraordinary visit by the Red Planet
Jul 2003Living with Uncertainty  … the not-so-tender mercies of Pluto in Sagittarius
Jun 2003Void-of-Course Moons  … Mother Nature's way of telling us to relax and smell the roses
May 2003George W. Bush: An Astrological Perspective  (Part Two)  … a future riddled with uncertainty
Apr 2003George W. Bush: An Astrological Perspective  (Part One)  … a past rooted in paradox
Mar 2003Spiritual Politics  … questions of faith on the eve of war
Mar 2003The Timeline for Conflict  … the astrological schedule for Bush's long-awaited war
Feb 2003Seeing Through the Haze  … Truth, Lies, and Belief; and Male Violence
Jan 2003New Year's Grab Bag  … Mercury Retro, Geopolitics, Astrological Answers, and On Fantasy
Dec 2002The Eclipse Wild-Card  … the slipperly slopes of ideological extremism
Nov 2002The Reawakening of Conscience  … the first crossroads in the 2-year struggle between love and power
Oct 2002Dreams of Love and Compassion  … the beginning of the 18-month Sun-Venus-Neptune alignment
Sep 2002Mercury Retrograde  … a hitch in our giddy-up
Aug 2002The Cauldron of Heaven  … the beginning of the 2-year Sun-Mars-Uranus alignment
Aug 2002Parents and Children  … time for us to grow up?
Jul 2002America and the Saturn-Pluto Eruption of 2001-2002  … how we got to 9-11